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i have website

Problem :: problem is that it cant load or load after 2 ot 3 minutes which is quite strange i do not know where is the problem script is OK so please somebody check it that the problem is with me or others user face it too.
by visiting the main index.php loads well but after that if i try to view site reports it cant load like 

please check and quide me what the issue can be i load these pages with curl from inside server it loads but direct from browsers it cant loads ,

From what I can see, the PHP is just not returning any data. Perhaps you have defined an infinite loop somewhere. Anyway, guessing will be difficult without code.

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there is not infinit loop .. also the problem is quite strange , if it was issue in script then the problem should be permanent but sometime it loads and sometime it cant ...

No, it's not. I let IE run, and in the end there was a page. Running it again now to get timing... you can do the same.

Everything but the initial response is quick. So my guess is that the cUrl call just takes a long time (or what happens after).

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finally fixed its was issue of one plugin ... so fixed :)