Please give me solution for this problem problem while connecting DB2 database with JSP in netbeans on Windows 7 ultimate 64bit platform......
Error code that is appear on the browser while running connectivity code is->
"Failure in loading native library db2jcct2, java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2jcct2.dll: Can't load AMD 64-bit .dll on a IA 32-bit platform: ERRORCODE=-4472, SQLSTATE=null"

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Please Provide some code.

No Code Means No HELP.

When use type2 driver, error occurs, but when use type4 driver, no error.

When use connection pooling, you need to set propertie of driverType(Set to 4).

When use not connection pooling and use java program that uses jdbc driver, As described below, you need to do the programming

conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:db2://localhost:50000/mydb", "user", "password");

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