what is frameworks,
whats the benefits of framework
which is famous framework
how to use it ,
what is cakephp
i know what is cms but i didnot know when a person ask me in intervew which version of cms are u using,?i always make my own cms for website
tell me links of toturial for frameworks and cms version

answere me all questionin detail,i search all answere but didnot understand

A framework is a set of casses and/or functions to ease your development. For Javascript jQuery, ExtJs, MooTools, Scriptaculous, etc. How to use it: read the documentation. Cake is a framework for PHP (as is CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony). A version is just what it is. Even if you build your own, you should have a version. What he probably wanted to know, was that you are using the latest version available.

which is the best framework,
tell me what is the means by CMS version
when ever i make a website i always make my own cms i never use any cms

"Best" depends on your requirements and skills.

I can't look into his head and tell you what he meant. Most likely that if you were using a common CMS (Drupal for example), that you are also using the latest version.

Even if you make your own CMS, versioning is always a good idea, especially because at some point you'd probably have to add new features. If you are really starting over each time, you're doing something wrong. Each CMS has similar capabilities that can be generalized (and then the version becomes even more important).

tell me famous,easy and leatest cms

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