I have a web application that needs the identification or some uniqueness of the machine that is calling it. Based on that "id" of the machine the web application will provide information back relevant to that machine. I can certainly call my website with some unique Query params that will let it know what machines the call is coming from, but that is not practical for this application, since the folks installing it will not have the ability to specify unique parameters for every machine. Ideally, if there was some INI or configuration file on the CLIENT machine that could be set which would can then be read by the webpage, then I'm in business. Or, ability to get MAC (which from what I can tell is impossible from the web). Any other ideas?

PS: Cookies is a posibility, but I am afraid they can get easily erased, or reset in-between users (public use pc's).

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Nothing you can think of is fail proof. Even if you could get the mac address, it is easily spoofed.

..its not that I am concerned about "spoofing", its just I need some solid mechanism to have to identify where the web request is coming from (what machine) so that I can have machine-specific settings applied.

In IE this would be possible.

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