Hai guys,

I need to enable the phone gps in order to get accurate geolocation from the web browser... I have this Javascript.. but the script did not enable the gps.. it only obtain using network method.. triangulation ... anyone please help me on this..?

// this is called when the browser has shown support of navigator.geolocation
function GEOprocess(position) {
    // update the page to show we have the lat and long and explain what we do next
 document.getElementById('geo').innerHTML = 'Latitude: ' + position.coords.latitude + ' Longitude: ' + position.coords.longitude;
    // now we send this data to the php script behind the scenes with the GEOajax function
    GEOajax("geo.php?accuracy=" + position.coords.accuracy + "&latlng=" + position.coords.latitude + "," + position.coords.longitude +"&altitude="+position.coords.altitude+"&altitude_accuracy="+position.coords.altitudeAccuracy+"&heading="+position.coords.heading+"&speed="+position.coords.speed+"");

// this is used when the visitor bottles it and hits the "Don't Share" option
function GEOdeclined(error) {
  document.getElementById('geo').innerHTML = 'Error: ' + error.message;

if (navigator.geolocation) {
    navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(GEOprocess, GEOdeclined);
  document.getElementById('geo').innerHTML = 'Your browser sucks. Upgrade it.';

// this checks if the browser supports XML HTTP Requests and if so which method
if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {
 xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
}else if(window.ActiveXObject){
 xmlHttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");

// this calls the php script with the data we have collected from the geolocation lookup
function GEOajax(url) {
 xmlHttp.open("GET", url, true);nn  b n, 
 xmlHttp.onreadystatechange = updatePage;

// this reads the response from the php script and updates the page with it's output
function updatePage() {
 if (xmlHttp.readyState == 4) {
  var response = xmlHttp.responseText;
  document.getElementById("geo").innerHTML = '' + response;

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Usually, a phone's internal settings can be accessed by using it's developer SDK. Which one are you using?

I'm using android...

I still couldn't get the gps ON... ermmm....

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