I'm having a weird problem with some PHP when outputting some HTML. For example:

echo "<h1>There are errors!</h1>";
foreach($errors AS $error)
    echo $error . '\n';

I want the output to actually show the text in H1 style, however the output is like this:

<h1>There are errors!</h1>

In other words, it isn't processing the HTML.

Any suggestions?

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Is the page being served as HTML?

The page you are echoing it on, should have the basic html tags too like :


And echo it in the body. I hope this helps.

I get the text displayed as H1 (Firefox 12 on Fedora 16). Maybe you should have a look at the HTML code that your browser displays and see if there are any errors elsewhere (right click on page and select View page source in Firefox).

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