I have this rather large form that I need to process and have the results sent to my email. Note the data will only be sent to an email not save in a database. The problem I'm having is that in these form there are tables, not only html tables, but an actual table that is a form. I'm not sure how to go about grabbing the data from these tables so I prepare an html message to send an email. If I use the same name for fields in the same column each time I loop the field with the same name before it is overwritten. I've thought about just putting a number after fields with the same name, but how I'm setting up the email msg, it would be rather hard to read. I also need to process more than just the that table in the form so there is a mixture of different form fields such as textboxes and textfields which makes it even more difficult. I'd like to use some somewhat dynamic as it would be extremely tedious to grab each field seperately, cause there are over 300 of them. If someone could please help with a way to do this, whether it be how to name the fields or how to go about processing them I would be really greatful.

Here is the link to what the form looks like. Right now It's in a pdf. I'm in the process of converting it to html. There other forms like it so it would be nice to have one script to process them all.

The form I'm talking about is the FBO insurance form. The tables I'm refering too are the pilot roster and the aircraft use tables. There are tables similar to it in the other forms as well.
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Here is the code I have

foreach($_POST as $name=>$value){

$message .= "<b>" . $name . ':' . "</b>" . $value . "<br />";


I have functions to clease the post values before sending the email so no need to worry about that. I just need a way to grab all that form data and format it in an html email that is readable.

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for html/php
If you use the same name for input fields, only the last one of each name will be sent,
data input fields must have unique names
those elements, such as radio buttons, with common names, act as a single input with preset values
redesign the forms

for pdf
the processing of the form for submission is defined in the pdf, acrobat javascript,
redesign the pdf

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