Is there any way that i could get my computer geographical location from php of from another language? I would like help and suggestions if you could help me!
Thank you.

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Thank you for your help!
I will read it carefully,,,
I needed this because I want to build a app that send's the computer location if it is stolen... If you know what I mean?! ;)

seems your problem has been solved above

My problem is almost solved because I need specificaly a script that gives more accurate results. EasyBlog for Joomla has that feature that I want, it find your location within some meters... I haven't very good skills in web development, but I need this script to create a Desktop app that gives you the chance to find you com if someone stole it

you can't get closer data.
The geoip service, ANY geoip service, is an approximation only, may change at any interval
cell phones do not track ip, they track the cellular data of a system designed to track the location of the device to give best possible radio signals

Thank you for your information almostbob.

that is not to say the ip is not traceable,
you would have to
whois the IP address reported, then
ask the ISP reported by the whois service what physical address the dynamic ip was related to, at that date.
IP addresses change, at whatever interval the service providers choose
\but there would have to be fairly compelling evidence for the ISP to release that information, privacy being what it is

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