Could you guys help

Is there a script or way you can use to check if a page has been view before with the users browsers with using the a:visited then change color on like any page you land on it will tell you which urls were visted hence changing the link color.

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lemme see if i understood you correctly... you want to check if a visitor has already viewed some page in past.
If so then use cookies. update the value of a cookie everytime user visits any page. So next time user visits any page, you check the cookie values to determine if he/she has visited the page before.

Its sounds like if tapuwa2002 is asking if he has a web page, he wants to style links on the page as users access those links, so that as new visitors arrive, they can also see which links have been accessed.

If this is what you are asking, you would have to store information in a database everytime a user clicks on a link. then, as the page is accessed by any visitor, retrieve these statistics, then style the page accordingly.

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