Hi everybody,

I have problem in meetnewpeopleid

meetnewpeopleid value is null

how can i getid?

anybody plz help me

class meetnewpeopleActions extends sfActions

public function executePlanpage(sfWebRequest $request)

    $meetnewpeopleId = $request->getParameter("meetnewpeopleId");
    $meetnewpeople_obj= Doctrine_Query::create()->select('m.personal_id,m.photo,m.plantitle,m.country_id,m.zone_id,m.city,m.plantype,m.about_plan,m.date,m.what,m.where_go,m.time')->from('meetnewpeople m')->where("id = ?" ,$meetnewpeopleId) ;
    $result = $meetnewpeople_obj->fetchArray();

    $this->meetnewpeoples = $result;

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Sorry not enough information.

We have no idea how your bespoke function works.

For trouble shooting though, bypass the whole function and go straight to the console window. Connect to your db and type in that query, does it still return null?

If so there is something wrong with your query rather than the php. If it doesn't return null there is something wrong with your php.

Come back after you've done this.

From getParameter function it seems meetnewpeopleId should be passed to url.
i.e. yourpage.php?meetnewpeopleId=177

Are you passing meetnewpeopleId in url or any object?

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