Hey guys,
I want to make or download a script that would allow my users to creat social networks or blogs of their own.
I have the social network ready, but i cant seem to get the main site up.

I want someting that would give me the following features:
**Social network on subdomains or sub directory*
**Plans with multiple features attached to them*
**Add supported*
**Easy to use Interface*

and more similar features

In short I want to make something like Ning.com, Socialgo.com, Grou.ps.

So if anyone has any script or knows any script like this please do let me know...

And Oh yeah, I have tried AroundMe and it did not quite work for me...

Thanks Guys :D
Hope to get a quick responce. :)

I've seen some premium plugin's for wp for that would fit your solution, but i've got to look into it for you... I will notify you if I find them..