I am hoping someone can help me understand a piece of code i found. Since php is not my primary language, and what i googled returned vague results, i am unsure exactly how a number or integer value can be used directly as a boolean in a while operation.

function testfunction( $testparam )
        if( $testparam > 0x3F3F3FFF )
        $testparam &= 0x3F3F3FFF;

         $testparam >>= 6;


Basically i need to be able to understand the logic of the while loop here, does it check it testparam is > 0 and evaluate that as true or false? or how does it come to its boolean value from a value that is previously recognised as an integer? Any help would be good thanks :)

does it check it testparam is > 0

Unequal to zero, read about it here.

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