OK I've got another interview! Thanks to pritaes for the links etc.

Never thought I might be doing a programming job but hey, it's a laugh I guess.

I have a few questions I may want to ask about OOP in version 5, but also codeigniter and joomola...

So learning codeigniter, are there any things I need to specifically know about learn or can learn within 5 days.

Links appreciated or presonal experience...

And code version control using svn... Never used it before. What's the low down?


DaniWeb uses CodeIgniter, and it's my first time using a web framework. It was really easy to catch onto and it's really lightweight. They make it easy to overwrite any built-in library (which you should be doing often, because some of them are horribly designed!) Regardless, we do use a lot of their built-in functions on DaniWeb because many of them are extremely relevant for us. It's the perfect built-in toolkit for our needs, without being in-your-face.

It's a good first framework to delve into if you don't have any previous existing experience with MVC because they implement the MVC concept very loosely (i.e. the model layer is optional). If you want something more structured, you need to just be self-disciplined enough. I've heard a LOT of really great things about Yii, which is supposedly what most experienced PHP devs are using nowadays. From what I hear, though, it can have a bit of a learning curve, and no other PHP framework is as lightweight as CodeIgniter anyways.

Cool cool, I may need to send you a few PMs if that's OK?

What's the best php ide out of interest for windows?

My favorite is Zend PHP Studio. It's based on Eclipse.

Zend was my favourite too for a long time. Now I am hooked on PhpStorm.