I want to let the users of my page (they dont have to be registrated) to register a food plate that they ate at my restaurant. It should have a picture and a review, now that should go to a database and appear randomly but daily at homepage. can anybody help me? i would like to add categories like food or drinks which each category will display a random div with the pic and review of the costumer, is it doable?

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Yes, it's doable. What do you have so far? What do you need help with?

i have my page done, but i dont really know where to start with the main objective of my page which is the random info displayed daily. what should i be looking for? what kind of tutorials?

i tought my steps are:
i need to learn mysql,
a code to automatice the plate registration to mysql
a code to make it appear randomly by categories

am i correct or what should i do?

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