I have some IP list and 10 links stored in mysql. How to visit all links automatically in browser with assigning IP from database?

After 10 links visited, how to change IP again
(1 IP for 10 links)

I want to use javascript to redirect to new page after 30 seconds (or any other way if possible)

not exactly, but, something like proxy websites

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I have useful link related with my question

What is your question exactly? What are you trying to do? Describe the problem and the solution you are thinking.

Your post isn't very clear, are you trying to change the visiting user's IP after the person visits 10 pre-defined links??

I have 10 links stored in mysql.
Some IP addresses stored in mysql.

I want to visit that 10 links Using each IP stored in mysql.

suppose two IP for example
with this IP, visit 10 links (1 to 10 serially)

after 10 links visited chabge my IP to, and againg visit 10 links (1 to 10 serially)

It is something like proxy websites or auto hit websites(traffic generators), but it is not exactly that. My further development depends on this.

I think it needs to change external ip address

I really doubt you can get control over the sent data packets to spoof IP addresses in PHP. Are you trying to run this on a machine at home, or on a hosted server?

but it is not exactly that.

Then what is ? I asked you what you are trying to do and you didn’t answer at that at all. Why you want to solve your problem with IP spoofing? Isn’t a better solution ?
Either way there are many “ip spoofing software” and malicious tutorials, but seriously if you have any question about PHP just ask.

I am doing it for my personal project. I am doing this from my home machine .

I want to generate screens of websites for my clients after specific time interval. But it is time wasting job to visit each page to create screenshot. So I want to generate screens automatically

There is IP recorder on my clients website generated by me.

So I want to record fake IP in report when I'm generating screenshots automatically.

Why not use a tool like thumbshots?



Nice one, I'll try.

But can anybody help me on coding?

its very easy , you have to choose a Programming language,any Language like C#, java, Python,PHP ..has facility to work with database and make web requests from web browser also.
i wrote a web script to automatically visit random websites choosing a random ip at http://screwdesk.com/auto-website-visitor-in-python/

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