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today i was trying to add search functioality to my site. my site actually display analysis reports for websites like but what if user enter simply google so i thought why not to add search function that display results on keyword google.
well i added search.php to my site and for keywords like google it works fine but if user enter domain name in search.php like then search.php mixup with my analysis report making php page , but its too strange that search.php which is mixup have no source code displayed when i view page source code ,
problem url ::

i do not know where am making mistake i did everything i can do but still same problem am facing
i think there is somehting wrong with my .htaccess
my .htaccess
RewriteRule www.(.) analysis.php?dom=$1
RewriteRule q/(.
) searchfun.php?key=$1

please help in finding me the error

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i solved the problem almost ..... php code is 100% ok problem is with .htaccess file which is sending to both pages ....

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ok problem solved ............. i just forget to add one slash in my .htaccess file ....
probelm :: RewriteRule q/(.) searchfun.php?key=$1
solution :: RewriteRule /q/(.) searchfun.php?key=$1

somethime we humans become blind and not see things which are infront of our eyes :D

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