Hi all,
i have the data coming from a json file. I need to print (echo) this into html.
here's a part of json file

"title": null,
"about_us": "Asteria Grill welcomes you! I have tried many times to convince myself not to pursue another restaurant. However, it's my favorite hobby and pleasure to cook delicious dishes and enjoy them with friends and loyal customers.\r\n\r\nAfter Athena Grill, I was looking ahead to some quiet time and relaxation. This made sense, but my heart was telling me different. So here I am again, following my heart and what I enjoy best. Cooking is like dancing. To dance you need revelry and passion along with some good music. Everyone dances in their own way, expressing how they feel. The same holds true with cooking. Please join me in trying some of my favorite delicacies and discover some wonderful tastes in my passionately prepared savory dishes.\r\n\r\nThank you!\r\nVaso",

i need to echo "about_us" part. when i echo it, it is displayed as a continuous line of text without any line breaks. i nedd to convert those '\r\n' into html's '<br/>' tag or may be '<p>' tag.

so how do i do that ? :)
i hope i am making myself clear enough.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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To convert \r\n to <br> you can use nl2br($text)

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To convert \r\n to <br> you can use nl2br($text)

whooo.. that worked. thank you

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