New here and looking to make a web application for mobile devices. I am a newbie programmer as well and have some experience making websites and simple c++ programs, so I do have an understanding of some languages. I want this application to access a subscription website and retrieve certain information that I can display in a specific format. I would think this could be done in javascript, css and HTML5 for cross platform compatibility. Correct me if i'm wrong please. It would function similarly to the friendly app that accessed facebook, before facebook came out with an app. They will basically "log in" to the website (pass the app login credentials), and it will take the information from the website and display it differently on the mobile device. So basically I'm looking to make a 3rd party app that displays information from a membership website only in my own pretty mobile format. I hope this makes sense. Is this possible to do with the languages suggested? If not, what tools will I need, and where should I look to get started? Thanks for any help!

Depending on the membership website, you may need a server-side script to store the session when logging in.