I'm a bit lost on this with html5 -

The datasrc attribute on the select element is obsolete. Use script and a mechanism such as XMLHttpRequest to populate the page dynamically..

Does this mean that I will have to change everything into a ajax format?

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I thought that this was just for IE5? I believe this was dropped in XHTML 1.0
Did it ever work in other browsers for you?
Can you give an example of how you're using it?

<form name="xx" action="xxxxx.php" method="get">

      <select name="xx1"  class="xxxcontain" id="xsearch" datasrc="xxxt.php" >

     <input name="submit" type="submit" value="Find" />

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Does it actually work? I could only get it to work in IE - which is relatively pointless unless you're using an intranet and yo're forced to use IE.


Has an example of the code I used for testing.

yea it actually works in everything that I know of. However I need to change.. because html5 doesn't like it.. the question is to what or how? Im not sure which direction i should head? like if I have to build a whole javascript script... ? or redo my php somehow..

I found a differnet way to do this jquery which is not obsolete according to the new html5. I will mark this solved. Thanks for everyones help.

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Care to post your solution? It may help others.