Hello guys, do you have an idea how to add rows in php? Like datagridview in which you can add rows when you want to. Any idea what should I do? Thank You.

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If you wish the new row to be added without redirect or refreshing the page, jquery is your choice.

I don't know jquery, can I code it in php? If not then I do not have a choice but to use jquery :(

In my opinion, the only way doing it using php is assign the datagridview as a form and the 'add new' is a button to submit the form back to php and process it to have a new row inserted.

But if you wish to do it using jquery, please do refer this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/171027/add-table-row-in-jquery#answer-4764435
If you still having any issue with it, please do pm me.

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