Hello all, Im trying to do this tutorial on cakePHP website for 1.3 It asks me to use the cake bake function to automically create models based on the tables I made. (using .cake bake all) The bake functionality it self works great, but it presents one problem. cakePHP creates all the models, views and controllers in the console directory and not within my app directory. So I have no way to really access them using my web browser. Anyone know how I can force cakePHP to build these in the app folder?


I haven't been working with cake shell script for a while but in my last project (CakePHP 1.2.5) I had to cd into the app directory first. Then the script placed the files where they belonged. So make sure you're in your "app" directory before executing cake.bat.

I just noticed that you can tell the script where your "app" directory is with -app parameter. Try this if you can't/don't want to cd to app first.