Inline Code Example Herehello everyone, i am working on a project , in this as all other project we have a login required so i designed a login panel but when i run the project the textboxes of username and password are having its value as "admin",i tried a lot but cant find a solution, another thought came in my mind that it might be because of session as i had used it in my previous project even in that another(previous) project too the moment i open the login page it shows the username and password textboxes with a value as "admin",so if anyone of you know it how the solve or has faced any problem like this and solved it then do share it with me.

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A lot of browsers have an autofill feature that helps users with things like login forms. If you are testing this on a local server the browser may be autofilling old details from a previous project.
Have you tried it in a different browser?


You could try this:


in your input fields. I'm unsure as to the browser compatibility though.


diafol :- Great Great i was in a mood of have a fight with the elephant but it was actually not an ant also it (firefox) was doing it may be as you said autofill and i was thinking of session n all once again thank you

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