Hello everybody, I know it's a beginner's question (since I'm new to PHP), my question is how do you deploy your PHP website on the Web? Do you know any tool to host my site? This site FYI is a simple forum, that is to say, it's database-driven. So I'm also thinking how other users who will register to my forum will be able to login? How do you also host your database as well? Please help because it's my very first time to do this. My first website is hosted by webs.com but I don't know how it's actually being hosted without webs.com.

Any help is highly appreciated :)

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webs.com don't offer this AFAIK. Find a host that offers PHP, MySQL DBs - there are thousands out there. My last project was with jushost.com . SO far, so good. Cheap, reliable - and has cPanel. IMO cPanel is essential for tweaking your settings unless you're some flavour of Unix Guru.

You just need an FTP client (try Filezilla) in order to upload files from your local machine to the remote server. Your DB can be tranferred too via import of .sql files.

ANyway, get a local copy of apache server/php/mysql first. I've found XAMPP to be a good option.

Hello @diafol, thanks for your response! Anyways, I already have a local copy of apache server and I'm using xampp. What I find new is this FileZilla, I don't know how to use this, do you know any tutorials on how to upload files to a remote server? And if I, by chance, already uploaded it to the remote server, does that mean I need to pay or what? And another thing I'd like to ask is that if my forum site is uploaded, can I now add topic for example, and then my friend from America visits my site and replied to my topic is it now viewable to him? I need clear explanations on this since I'm new to PHP. Thanks buddy.

I wanted demo forum online so I registered on WWW.PROPHPBB.COM , they give free forum with limited settings. But good one to start free forum.
Most of things you can manage using their admin panel.

thanks for the above post, but what I'm trying to do is to create my own forum site. I'd like to upgrade my skills in PHP.

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So what do you want?
DO you need help with your forum code? login code? SQL structure?

Provide more info with examples of code that you're currently using.

  1. what you need to do is to confirm if you have the remote access to the server.
  2. the payment is actually depends on the service provider, some provide free hosting and other charge.
  3. if the forum site is uploaded, the content is basically viewable by everyone provided there is link to the page.

www.0fees.net, provide free mysql/php server

@diafol, no not actually in need of code, since I'm learning it by myself, what I need is a simple tutorial in using FileZilla, if you know anything, please give me some links so I can explore FileZilla.

@Ips - I already downloaded FileZilla Client and Server, now, I'm stuck with its client, I input into the fields localhost as my host newuser as username and wampp as my password. But when I clicked on quick connect it says critical error, could not connect to server. What am I gonna do about this?

@urtrivedi - I'll try this as soon as I can. Thanks for giving me this.

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You prob. don't need Filezilla Server - just the Client.
localhost is not your remote server.
Have a look over your host (remote server) control panel for the ftp login details that you need to supply. Place these into filezilla and you should get a filetree list of the remote server.