I want to auto login in my client site which is secure. I have to enter my username and password every time i logon to site.
can any one give me code to auto login to site which is secure and most important think is that i dont have any access on page code.
i just want a script in which i can write my username and password and when ever i try to access client site this script get run take me to the next page then the login page.

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Have you considered just letting your browser store the credentials so that they will be pre-filled when you access the page?

Could you reword it in english please? :)

commented: My above post is in english only ..... +0

no my browser is not allowing me to store that.
I dont want to go to login page i want a script using which i am able to go to main page without going to login page when ever i try to access that site.

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