Hi all, ive got a big question about conducting mysql_queries.. i have a schedule program that needs to sort through and pick the records that apply.. the date will change, and used a php date() formatted to mysql date and pick out the ones records that are active vers inactive. and finally sort through the other fields..

$sql="SELECT * FROM $dbtable WHERE date = $sysdate AND recstatus='active' ORDER BY ftime ASC, stime ASC, tailnum ASC";

can anyone tell me if im on the right track or am i going the wrong direction? THX to anyone that can help!!

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in php config file:


in the table

recstatus varchar(50) < to determine if i should show the record Actice(yes) or skip it inactive(no)
date = date < used to hold the date format YYYY/MM/DD
ftime = time < used for start time format HH:MM:SS
stime = time < used for end time format HH:MM:SS

im trying to compare what the record has against what i want to show in realtime date and sort by ftime and stime


also for current date, trying to keep it configured using:


due to server being on east coast time. thought would be easier for me then using mysql function

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