Hi All - am using dbmasters formm@ailer for some time - no problems until recently. We require the engine size to be completed in cc. This has not been a problem until recently when we are often receiving a 'X' in the field. I'm stuck with Javascript.

PHP extract as follows

// General Variables

// Default Error and Success Page Variables
    $error_page_title="Unable to submit - Incomplete Details";
    $error_page_text="Please use your browser's back button to return to the * web filing system and complete the required details.";
    $thanks_page_title="Your Proposal Has Been Forwarded To * - Thank you";
    $thanks_page_text="Please use the back button on your browser";

// options to use if hidden field "config" has a value of 0
// recipient info
// Mail contents config
    $subject[0]="Client Enquiry";
// Send back to sender config
// Result options

Have tried to use this *.js file which is referred to in the HTML section

var validator = new FormValidator('example_form', [{
}, {
    name: 'EngineSize',
    display: 'min length',
    rules: 'min_length[4]'
        // Show the errors

I'm out of my depth on Javascript so any input appreciated. THanks for looking.