In a SQL field I have this:

GroupManager 2.0 (2.9.3) (Phoenix)<br/>MultiInv 3.1.3<br/>Ptweaks 4.2<br/>WorldEdit 1232-0bc9369

Which spits out this:

GroupManager 2.0 (2.9.3) (Phoenix)
MultiInv 3.1.3
Ptweaks 4.2
WorldEdit 1232-0bc9369
Multiverse-NetherPortals 2.4-b530

How can I make it so it's two text columns like this when I echo it onto a page:

GroupManager 2.0 (2.9.3) (Phoenix)               WorldEdit 1232-0bc9369
MultiInv 3.1.3                                   Multiverse-NetherPortals 2.4-b530
Ptweaks 4.2

I've done my searches with no results :/

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Try this:

SELECT table.*
FROM tablename t1, tablename t2
WHERE t2.t1id =
LIMIT 0, 1