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Or make the website un tracebly?

and not have a IP connected to It?

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Not on an IP based network.

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Not on an IP based network.? Meaning?

How do I make a "Not on an IP based network".?

What I mean is that on a network that uses the TCP/IP protocol (such as the Internet), an IP address is needed for hosts to communicate with each other.

So, re-reading your question...

Is there a way to design a website? with out having a IP or make it

You do not need to have an IP to "design" a website. Once that website is hosted on a web server, you of course need to have an IP assigned to that server if you want to be able to access the web site on a TCP/IP based network.

What exactly do you mean or are trying to accomplish with this statement:

Or make the website un tracebly?

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Oh okay I get It now :), lol cause I want to make a website and I don't have time to study laws, and copyright stuff, I wanna make a website for example a Image Sharing Website, and don't have time to contact the publishers and asking them permission to use there photos, cause I have over 60k photos now.

So basically you want to distribute ripped-off content without being traceable.

Read the rules here. Discussing illegal activity is forbidden.

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