I develop a project that consist of many tables. In admin menu table names shows dynamically in a dropdownlist from a database. Pls help me to do this

What exactly do you need help with?

In my page iam getting all column names of a particular table with checkboxes. when iam select one or more checkboxes i have to get data of that selected columns only. what is the jsp code for this.

move the selected column names and table to another page where you want to display the details and there you have to format these two things as the actual sql-query

for example :


String tab_name = request.getParameter("table_name");
String col_name1 = request.getParameter("column_name1");
String col_name2 = request.getParameter("column_name2");

// and make query_string as follows

String sql_query = "Select "+col_name1+","+col_name2+" from "+tab_name;

// then create connection object ,retrive details 

then the remaing code is as it is