I have installed php mysql and apache but when I run my php program
browser ask me to download that file. but required output is not appear.

I have installed php apache mysql but when i run my
php program my browser ask me download it. but the required output is
not appear.
please help me and send me feedback on vishalghule77@gmail.com

sounds like you are trying to type the file path directly into your browser. Is insalled on your local machine? just type http://localhost/ or if it on a remote computer (or what ever the ip address of the server is.)

You does not find your output in the browser because PHP is a server based scripting language. If you want to run it in your system for testing of code, you can install "WAMPSERVER" in your PC.

The pages have to be in the directory that Apache is configured to serve. In Linux this is often /var/www/html. The Apache directive that defines this directory is in httpd.conf and is called DocumentRoot. So in above example in Linux it would be DocumentRoot "/var/www/html". And of course Apache server should be started. In case apache is located on the same machine as the browser, just access the page by localhost in the location as leviathan185 posted above.