Suppose I have a multiLine textbox such as this one. I type SELECT [tablename] dot....(for example: tblEmployee.FirstName) Do you think it is possible to get a list that will show a list of possible attributes for the table? All the intellisense textboxes I've seen are single line.

I would like to be able to write a Select statement that will give a list of table names when i type a recognized table name. I recognize that I can do some type of string operation. I'm concerned more about the list that will pop up.


So the intelligense you are referring to is just Ajax. You'd have to build this in a way where you are performing the lookup for each indivual word typed rather than the full string in the input element.

Exactly, So you think it is doable? I've never done any of this before. What I'm thinking I'd do is start with the dot and go all way back to the nearest space and look up that word. A friend of mine told me that for the most part, this is a javascript problem and not an AJAX one. Is that correct? Thanks so much for the feedback.