hi frnds..can you give some idea about php training.how to start in online or any institute

My advice is to think about what you want to acheive and use the PHP Manual to learn what you need.

It will help a lot if you have previous programming experience with other languages

Good Luck!

PHP is the best web technology available for the development of dynamic websites.Being a general-purpose-server-side-scripting-language,PHP is used in the development of majority of dynamic websites.If you have a taste for web you can learn PHP online.There are lots of tutorials available online.The tutorials cailable online are:

  • w3schools.com
  • php.net
  • tizag.com
  • killerphp.com

hi , you must be first install php ( apache ) or xampp package , next , you create a php file and practice php's syntax , we can help you for samples

thanks for information..its very helpful for me.