I need to send newsletters say to 20,000 email IDs, but in batches and I am very new to this mail sending process so I got stuck at the beginning only.

I have my mail server is a shared server, so I have the limit say 100 emails per hour, but I need to send this to entire 20,000 email IDs on database. I have following things on my site

  1. List of receivers (in a table called emails)
  2. Email Setting form (with fields like IP, email, password, batch size, interval)
  3. table for above fields..
  4. My site is hosted on Plesk (Windows-based Web Server).

I had googled for this and I got phpList perfectly matching with all my requirements but I need my own interface also it can be installed in CPanel I done know how to install it on Plesk.

Please someone help me on this.

I have never used a server that uses Plesk but let's just deal with it logically:

  • Plesk is a control panel facility. To install an application, you may not need to use Plesk at all. Installing a PHP application usually involves uploading the code to the right directory on the server (using FTP) and setting up the config file. If you need help to understand how to get an application installed, you should start with your Hosting Service Support people.
  • If you want to use PHPList, then you will probably need to adapt to it (not the reverse) unless you have the expertise to make changes and if it is important enough to create a non-standard copy of the system (impacting support and upgrades). Most of these systems provide the ability to upload a 'customer' file (usually from a spreadsheet, csv or text file). You will probably need to dump your existing files to a spreadsheet and you may need to do a bit of reorganizing of the fields.
  • If you have a good web host with good quality facilities, you can probably send a lot more than 100 emails per hour. That doesn't change the work you need to do but it does seem like a very low expectation.

You have the option of building your own program to generate emails. If your requirements are relatively simple, it isn't all that difficult (and you can incorporate your exisitng database). You need to decide if that makes more sense than adapting to something like PHPList.