Good Morning All,

I'm looking for any suggestions for integrating a group chat into a members only back office.

I've looked at many options online, but none of them seem to be able to be integrated the way I would like.

Basically I would like a PHP script that I could plug into the back office with a simple link to access it, but at the same time have it only accessible by registered members that are logged into their back office, without them needing to log into the chat room separately.

Maybe I'm asking too much, but it just seems to me that it shouldn't be that difficult.

Any great suggestions.
(Also would love an attractive Well Functioning Dynamic FAQ plugin, in case you know of one of them)

Thanks for your thoughts,


Thank you for your response..

I think I just happened upon what I've been looking for...

It isn't free, but looks like it will be well worth the investment.

They have both the members only chat, and also the Customer Support system that I was also looking for.

Thanks again... I think this one is solved.


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OK, although looks mightily expensive to me. And it seems to be Flash. I try to avoid flash whenever possible, but that's just me.