My name is Dave and I am a C# developer who is having trouble getting into web development.

I am trying to develop an application that users can access from the web, enter search parameters, and the application will search text files stored on the server and return the results over the web.

I developed an application using Microsoft WPF template in their web dev 2010 environment. It worked fine in debug and looked great, however I had a lot of trouble deploying it to my server, Windows 2003 with IIS v6.0. When I finally got it so that I could access it from the web, it ran on the accessing system not the server.

This is my first try at web development and I am hopeing someone can suggest which template would be best. I have VS2010 professional and the template list includes ASP.NET web, ASP.NET MVS 2 web, Silverlight, ASP.NET Dynamic Data Entities Web. I am sure there are others I can download. Since this is a work application I don't mind researching how to accomplish the work but I would like to avoid doing a lot of research on templates that will turn into blind alley's. If you have written something similar using C# please tell me what template you used and how it worked out for you.

Thank you for your time and help.

Since you're wanting to run this from a web server your best choices would be either an asp.net webforms application or an asp.net mvc application. Either one should be able to do what you described.

The purpose of those choices is so that VS creates a few basic files for you. Before you begin, you really need to figure out how you are going to develop this web application.

If you just need to create a few web pages and connect them to a data source, you can choose web forms. This will allow you to create aspx pages. You may want to choose the option to create code-behind pages when you create a new page. This will allow you to seperate your HTML & asp.net controls from your c# code.

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