I have a really weird problem.

I have a web application written in asp.net and it works perfectly locally, the problem appears when I deploy it to my remote server.

Everything works fine except for a button, it updates information in a database. The thing is that the problem only appears in Internet Explorer (I'm using Internet Explorer 9) when I click update it reloads the page (it should do that and bring the updated information) but then it kind of loses the session because it does not recognize the user, the information never shows and It kind of hangs my whole web application.

It only happens in internet explorer.

Another problem is the delete button, when I click delete it should show a message giving a warning but instead it shows a internatl 500 server problem.

In localhost everything works and it is still connected to the database that the remote server is using so I don't know what can it be, I don't even know where to start searching.

In chrome and firefox everything works.

Does someone have a clue of what does the problem could be?

Thanks in advance.

I suspect that these issues are related to client scripting, but without some sample code, it would be difficult to assist.

I'd suggest that you address one issue at a time.