Hello, To Keep It Short! I'm Building Three Websites. And I Basically From What i Was Told Need To Put Images On In A Row Going Down The Page And The Images Need To Come From A Database Which Is Mysql And Im Guessing That PHP And Such. Also When i Pull These Images On The The Page, I Need Them To PAGINATE To The Next Page, Like Lets Say I Wanna Place 8 Images on One Page, When I Get Ready To Add The Next, The image Further Down Wrap Around To The Next Page! Sounds Crazy Hard Right! X0/ I Have Everything Drawn Out The Way I Want It... Its Just I don't Know How To Do It! I Am Willing To PAY Someone For There Help And Completion Of This Task! I Repeat I AM PAYING... Because Its Time That I Get These Sites Running And I''ve been Struggling Since LAST January :0/ Im New To This ANd have Benn Looking For Tutorials But I Dont Truly Understand! PLEASE OH PLEASE Someone Help. I Will be Glad To Skype, Oovoo, Give My Phone Number Out For Help. And If You TRULY Help Me Get This Done, I AM PAYING You, No Question About It! My Name Is Jeffrey.

Email = jcreate4@gmail.com

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Hi Jeffrey, welcome to DW. Please reformat this question to normal case, it's very difficult to follow. If you could provide a mock up (image) of what you need and include that it might help. So you were tasked (or tasked yourself) with producing 3 websites since January and you can't do it because you haven't been able to learn php/mysql in 10 months?

Heyyyy Diafol! Basically, I'm a graphic designer and i'm trying to build three website of my interest. I have all the websites drawn out and basically its the same website three times because they all look the same just different content! the first two consist of images and the third consist of videos! The way i want the first two to work is i add certain images which hold links and when you click on them, they take you to another page. i Want these images to be in a strait row sort of like a column. I Want eight of my image link on each page and when its time to add another image, it PAGINATES and automatically carries to the next page! I Will Gladly Be Able To Pay your for your COMPLETE help! and yes i've been trying to solve this problem for 10 months! i heard i was suppose to use PHP through MySQL and use a script or something to make all this happen! I would be more than happy to Oovoo, Skype, E-Mail or make a phone call for you help! Thanks Dia!

-JEffrey D. McCain

Another Thing Of Examples Diafol.... Before I Place Any Paper Drawn Examples... Im going to Give You A PERFECT Website Example... Click On this Link To Go To The Example > http://www.freepagegraphics.com/myspacesports.php?page=1 < I Notice That The Link Is In PHP... Maybe My Link Should Look Like that Too Because I'm Storing Them in A Database! idk... but pay attention how there are images that have links... the amount on the page and how to swing over to other pages! (Pagination)

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All you really want then is pagination, showing 8 records at a time. If you show the code you have so far along with any sql. I won't promise to give you a complete solution, but we're here to help those who help themselves. I won't solicit business here on a forum neither will I pass on my contact details - sorry. If you need somebody to do this for you, there are fora and sites that provide this service and who have a solid 'terms of service'. ALthough this is a reasonably trivial piece of coding, I wouldn't imagine that this would be cheap.

Ok, Well since i honestly don't know how to do this or really know much about php/mysql & pagination... what or where you recommend i go or do? do you know any any good tutorials i could possibly search for? ANY beginning route i could start on? Anything is better than nothing!

Now What is This About? Im Taking A Look At It Now.

As Im Checking This Out It Seem Pretty Decent... Now I Knot This Might Be A Dumb Question But... I;ve Check Out SOme Demo Of It And Everything Now How To I Go About Apply It To Whati Need?

It is ready made tool in php mysql, just , you need to download zip folder, unzip at ur server and then follow installation instructions.

Thanks For Messaging Me Urtrivedi. Lets Get This Taking Care Of

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