I have code which displayed a person's info in a table(fields:name, surname, address, etc.) and one of the inputs is a checkbox. The code is as follows:

$("#table").append('<tr class="trow'+j+'">'+
                      '<td class="ids" id="z'+i+'">'+totrecs+'</td>'+
              '<td class="users" 

              '<td id="contact'+i+'">'+member[i].fname+' '+member[i].lname+'</td>'+
              '<td id="myaddress'+i+'">'+member[i].address1+' '+member[i].town+'</td>'+

              '<td><input type="checkbox" name="whome" id="showMe'+i+'"'+
                                             'class="boxes" onclick="getMe('+i+')" /></td></tr>');  

and the button -

<input type="button" id="selectall" title="Select All" value="Select All" />

What I am tryin to do is program a function that when clicking a certain button all of the checkboxes will be selected/checked.

I would appreciate any help. Thank You.