How to stop websites going out of frame.

for example:- I got website Which goes out of iframe tag

<iframe src="" height="100%" width="100%"  ></iframe>

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What do you mean by 'go out' of the ifram tag? Is it not restricted to the iframe size, is that it?

It means instead displaying in, <iframe src=""> </iframe>
It is redirected to it's original domain.

(out from iframe to original domain. it is frame break)

You are going to load a url into an iframe, and if it doesn't load for some reason(broken) you want to try and load another url? Is that it?


Website (url) must be displayed inside <iframe src=""> </iframe>

<iframe src="" height="100%" width="100%"  ></iframe>

Check this site on localhost. When this site opens inside iframe then after few seconds it is redirected automatically to

I want to stop this. Url must be displayed inside iframe.

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