Am trying for onload page content from backend(perl) using Ajax .When Tried with simple CGIHTTPServer then, the pages is getting load as required .

But as same page i moved to Apache Server , the content are not getting load .Am not getting any error also..:(

how to debug this error ....?

 <script type="text/javascript">
 function onload() {
                 type: 'POST',
                     url: '/cgi-bin/onload.pl',
                 async: false,
 success: function(data) {

<input name='chk_0' type='checkbox' />0<br />
<input name='chk_1' type='checkbox' />1<br />
<input name='chk_2' type='checkbox' />2<br />
<input name='chk_3' type='checkbox' />3<br />
<input name='chk_4' type='checkbox' />4<br />
<input name='chk_5' type='checkbox' />5<br />
<input name='chk_6' type='checkbox' />6<br />
<input name='chk_7' type='checkbox' />7<br />
<input name='chk_8' type='checkbox' />8<br />
<input name='chk_9' type='checkbox' />9<br />
<input name='chk_10' type='checkbox' />10<br />
<input name='chk_11' type='checkbox' />11<br />
<input name='chk_12' type='checkbox' />12<br />
<input name='chk_13' type='checkbox' />13<br />
<input name='chk_14' type='checkbox' />14<br />
<input name='chk_15' type='checkbox' />15<br />