Hi! It's ma first time in this forum,i hope u wll wormly welcome me.I am an undergraduate student in Software Eng. at the University of Dodoma in Tanzania, i would like 2 know if I can develope a computer alarm with PHP, if not the other languages I h've gon e throw are c++ and JAVA but not competent that much.

Your question is unclear. What is a computer alarm? do you have any code to show? What is this 'alarm' supposed to do?


I don't think PHP has that. It has a function called:


But it's kinda like a timer rather than a clock.

But here are couple of site about Alarm Clock it's in VB like Squidge said:



If you have questions about this VB language then you can post it in the VB.Net section in the software development someone will explain and help you there.

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