How would I change the folder path in this? or what would be the best way?

(file_exists ($this->jam.'.txt'))

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I'm not understanding what it is you want to do. Do you want to use PHP to move the file to another folder or something?


(file_exists ($this->jam.'.txt'))

its pulling from the incorrect file.. I just need it to pull from another file

something like

(file_exists ('./anotherfolder'($this->jam.'.txt')))

But I can't get it to work that way..

jam is not a file its just part of a select menu..

If I copy all my files and move them into the same folder as file a where file_exists is then it works fine.. I want to keep all my fruit files in another folder.. I just can't get my path to work correctly..

Get what I am saying?

Heres what I was trying to do - sf is my folder...

(file_exists ('sf/'.$this->jam.'.txt'))

Thanks :)

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