PLease I need Help, I am a newbie, but i am a webdesigner, but i haven't done job that requested for though programming skills, But now i have a project which i am under going now, its a like a small finance site, Which means, i as the admin, i can create an account for clients, and when they login to online account page, They would see their account statement like, account balance, last transaction, and the client can still be able to transfer..... PLease can anyone give me ideal which software can handle this, Becos i dont know anything much about programming, PLease help me, Someone ask me to register in this site to always ask questions when i need help... PLease

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transfer money to other client that uses only this financial institution only...

No boss, they don't have, what they just want is their customer can enter online to login and check their account balance.transfer and can print out their account statement,

So you have a database you can work with, and just need to show that information?

no sir, i dont have ideal about database to work with, i just want a interface at lease 1page which can be login page. and the other were customers can see their account information.... i am new into programming, infact i doubt if i no a dine in it. cos tthe sites that i have been building, its a static sites.

If you don't have an API, or access to the database, how are you going to show the customer's account information?

For a login page, the PHP forum has a lot of ready examples.

Okay sir but in cpanel of hosting sites, there is database there, can't i be able to work with those onces? thanks for the login.

You need to learn tutorials and need to understand concept of dynamic pages. some body here can help u find bugs/errors in your code, but its not possible for anyone to help u teach whole system here in this forum.

you can start with

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