I am using a wordpress template, and being that it's written in php, which I'm not so familiar with, I want to know the following:
Is there a way for me to add code to the index.html of my template?
What I want to do is make a solid white background for the main content of the site- I want to add a wrapper div to my code, so that the main content is in one big div with a white background.
The way it is now, there are separate ".containers", with each part of the page in a separate container. I want to know how to make one big wrapper div to include everything from under the logo and nav until the footer (not the whole site), to give the main content a white background. (The body has a colored background, and I now want to make the main content from under the nav have a white background.)
How do I do this, if there is no wrapper for just the main content? Can I add it myself?
In case you need it, my url is http://www.accupresh.com


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Because all the files are php files, and I dont know php. (only html and css), so where would I put my html code? Can I just add it to php files?



There is a place called codex, and this is the place where they revealed the ins-and-outs of wordpress from posting your first blog all the way up to migrating wordpress sites.

If you are interested, Click Here.

There is a minor modification allowed inside the admin dashboard, but this one is pretty limited to just a simple modification. Log in to your WP site as admin, click on the dashboard, click on the appearance, and then click on the editor link.

Normally, you will be presented with some php files and css files of your default theme which I believe you can't do much about editing on them, unless you educate yourself at the wordpress codex.

Just a friendly advice, before venturing into editing PHP documents, you must know the basics of PHP.

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