hi to all....i have a task to embed skrill and pyaza...but i only know that skrill and pyaza are moneybookers. but i don't know how to embed them using php?? is any api is there to access both these moneybookers.????

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    diafol 3,275   4 Years Ago

    I think if you search the internet you'll find loads of resources - a few jeyword searches got me a whole list of them, for example: http://wyday.com/blog/2011/automate-moneybookers-skrill-using-status_url-ipn-php-asp-net/ No idea if it's any good. Read More


Does it have an example?

//EDIT yes it does - about 30% of the way down the page in my browser.

What do you want? $omebody to do it for you or a list of links that you can get from Google? Be clear.

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