I am trying to setup a custom image hosting solution for a phpbb forum. I know there are ways to host images on the forum but for my purpose I must use an external website to host the images.

I already have a custom image hosting script written and functioning but I am stuck on what is likely the simplest part. I want the bbcode link to be automatically inserted into the users forum post once they submit their image.

There is currently a company that offers this functionality called postimage.org but in recent years they have started adding adult oriented advertisements to hosted images and I cannot allow this as I have a family oriented forum and that is the last thing my members want to see.

Any help is appreciated.

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This sounds a but tricky.

  1. User uploads their image to your server via the phpBB forum.
  2. php grabs the image file and sends it to your 'image hosting site' - I assum you have an API for this.
  3. php gets the return value (via API) - which could be the image filename or url or the new image.
  4. get the whole shebang into some BBCode.

is that what you're doing?

Perhaps a mod like this?


That is pretty much exactly what I am trying to do. That is what the old image hosting site did.

I am having trouble with the image hosting side, I am trying to setup the hosting script to send the bbcode back when the user submits their image.

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You can do the bbcode stuff on your server, you just need the url, don't you?

Yes the bbcode stuff is done on my server. Just like you said I simply need to return the url of the uploaded image.

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Unless you give more info, I can't see what advice I can offer. What site is hosting the images? What info is returned when you query it / upload an image? Does it have an API?

For example, FLickr's API for uploading can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/services/api/upload.api.html