How to show some content from other sites on my web sites, and when other site change content then change also in my website? Please help!

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Do you have permission from the third party site to use their content?
If so, could they not provide you with a data feed?

i think you need rss feed for that website

There's a lot of ways of doing it, some of those are:

  • Using IFrame to load the page
  • Using RSS Feeds
  • Using some webservice/API provided by the site(like facebook and twitter)
  • Using HTTPRequest on the server-side to load the page as text and them parse the content that you want to extract

Or just pull the data using ajax

Fobos, he can't request the data with AJAX because of the security box. AJAX requests can be made only to the same domain/subdomain of the site making the request.
To pull the data with AJAX he'd have to create an server-side page that would request the data from the site, and then the AJAX request would be made to this server-side page.

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If the data is meant to be shared / syndicated / licenced, the sites will probably have an API or some method by which to extract info. Cobbled techniques can be dirty / messy, e.g. cURL. Also as blocblue states, you should have permission.

Ok. Thanks for advice!

Do i have some php code for some of this choise?

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Do you?

i mean what code for php i must have?

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Depends on how the data is being presented / retrieved. Are you using an API, cURL? Unless we know what you're doing, impossible to advise.

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