i have a excel file of hindi data.
i want to convert in sql database what i do?
please help me

Which database? There are tools to help you.

I've worked with data from excel, preparing the data and converting it to csv using excel first then exporting it to database; it's the easiest way though. LOL :D But never had a chance to work with unicode. Maybe you should try it first, then if you had a problem with regards to the consistency of data, create a program to automate it for you. :)

Anyhow, I would like to know if you really intend to put this thread on PHP, and will be working with PHP. Or should this be on the Databases section.

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If you intend to place Hindi data into a DB, ensure that you have the correct charset and collation set for that particular DB. And for any subsequent php/html page for displaying the data.

Let’s break the issue in parts. What you want to do is to read data from an excel file and the second one is to save those data in DB.
I guess you already know how to do the second part (saving data in DB) so I will suggest for the first part (reading data from excel). For that thing I am using Spreadsheet_Excel_Reader

The use is quite simple and I can get also data from excel from other languages than English as well. I believe that this is a very good class for reading excels.