I've been learning Javascript on Codeacademy, but the site is so buggy and broken that the fact it's free of charge and breaks lessons down into small pieces isn't helping me. All I experience is frustration with the broken Run button and command parser, as well as the lazy and inefficient staff who run the site. So I need to start fresh learning the most up to date Javascript. Please recommend a resource.

Also, I'm gathering that I should learn XML and CSS before I learn Javascript, so, if I should start there, then maybe you can refer me to a good beginner resource on them.

Thanks. :)

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w3schools.com is great and free. Lynda.com is great and comes with videos. That is free for 7 days.

tutorialspoint.com is also one of the best site for learners

try once

Hi, Wolfgang,

w3schools gave me the Blue Screen of Death--twice. :( I really seriously need not to use IE.

Both of you,

Thanks for the responses and assistance.

If you are getting the Blue Screen of Death, I don't think that Codeacademy is as buggy as you think. It is your OS that causes the problem. You may need to wipe out and reinstall your computer. The reason is that your computer may not be as clean as you think, and the registry may be broken. There is no proper way to fix this problem in Windows because it is extremely difficult to pin point the problem and fix it.

There are many javascript tutorial on line. You could search on Google using "Javascript tutorial" as keywords in your search box. I believe w3school would come up in the top 5 of the result list.

w3schools is a great site for the basics. In my opinion, i'd grab a few books on the subject. Nothing beats a good set of books, editor, and a browser.

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Read the books "JavaScript: the Good Parts" by Douglas Crockford and "JavaScript: The definitive Guide" by David Flanagan. Both books are excellent. If you are looking for free resources, remember, you get what you pay for, however I started by using W3Schools.com. Also if you are getting a BSOD it is either the OS is corrupt or you have some hardware issues.



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