i want to create rating system simplier to youtube.com. on youtube they have:
1st 'number of view'
2nd 'rating bar'
3rd 'like | dislike'

now i know how to do 1st and 3rd put. and i am storing view, like, and dislikes in database.
but i dont know how to create that rating bar. any idea will be help full.

it doesnt have to exacty as youtube but some thing like that effect.

so far i am thing of using jquery. and i can see if there are more like or dislike by
like = 10
dislike 1

ans = like - dislike; 

so ans = 9 and this way i now the bar is green. note if its neg than bar is red.
than i can convert '9' to percent. so 100% will be full and 0% will be empty.

but now sure how to create the bar.

You can just display a div and/or a transparent image. I am not familiar with youtube so no idea how it looks there.